The Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Aged Care Association of South Australia Inc. strives to be a leading accredited provider of culturally sensitive and dedicated Aged Care services primarily for the Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian ethnic communities.

A place with a heart

St Anna’s Residential and Home Care is a not-for-profit organisation located close to the city at Brompton, providing residential, respite and home care for the aged community. Created through the vision and commitment of the Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarus communities, St Anna’s is now home to 60 wonderful residents.

Independence is important to us, so we encourage a variety of Lifestyle activities and programs. These activities are carefully selected to meet individual interest, backgrounds, social, emotional and physical abilities and are available 7 days a week. Attendance is not compulsory and if a private outing is preferred, our staff can accommodate this. We also provide care in the community supporting those living at home who may need basic or higher-level support.

‘Our clients and residents choose to enjoy the life that they wish to lead’

St Anna’s is built as one facility however it is separated into smaller areas, allowing residents to share communal kitchen, dining and lounge areas with fewer individuals.

About Us

Our Care

Home Care

At St. Anna’s, we pride ourselves on providing a service with a heart, and it’s a big heart. St. Anna’s provide tailored home care services through our extensively trained and friendly team, who caringly support our clients to live to their full potential.

Residential Care

We acknowledge that St. Anna’s can never replace one’s own home, but we make it a priority to provide a “home-like” environment. To assist in making our residents feel comfortable and welcome, we focus on the “individual lifestyle” of each resident.

Community Focused

Our values are embedded into our care with principles followed closely by our team. They are:


St Anna’s staff specialise in humanity, an essential quality of resident and home care, treating our residents and clients as individuals worthy of dignity and respect.

Cultural Sensitivity

We acknowledge everyone has a story to tell and a life full of rich history. St Anna’s value every person’s individual needs and work hard to ensure that dignity and freedom of expression are retained and celebrated.


The residents and clients are encouraged to share in the creation of their own clinical and lifestyle plan to ensure support of the individual to enjoy the best life they choose to live.


St Anna’s uses a person-centred rather than task-centred approach to care, allowing for recognition of the whole person. It includes respecting the value of that person’s previous history and experience as well as their immense worth as an adult human being.

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