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St Anna’s is an inclusive not-for-profit residential care facility located in Brompton and importantly, it’s a place with a heart. The individual needs of each resident are the focus of our care, especially, where possible, maintaining the resident’s prior lifestyle and contact with their community.

Our facility is staffed by experienced and qualified personnel who are available 24 hours a day. Residents are free to choose how their day is spent and we always have social activities and events on offer, but participation is up to the individual.

Care is provided for people with varying needs. Many residents are still able to function independently in many areas but may have limited mobility or be in need of greater access to personal and nursing care, no longer able to cope independently within their own home environment. While other people may require a higher level of complex care and/or have specialised needs for example, continence, wound care or medication management.

St Anna’s is built as one facility however it is separated into smaller areas, allowing residents to share communal kitchen, dining and lounge areas with fewer individuals.

Residents are encouraged to decorate their room with personal items such as small pieces of furniture, photos, wall hangings, ornaments, mirrors and decorative items, along with approved electrical appliances.

At St Anna’s we place a huge importance on food, with our passionate hospitality team crafting delicious meals from fresh, healthy ingredients. With our Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian heritage, the love for good food is ingrained into our care.

St Annas Residential Care Facility practices a Restraint Free Approach – A Restraint Free approach means no words, devices or actions will interfere with a person’s ability to make a decision or restrict freedom of movement.

What are the Residences like?

St Anna’s is built as one facility however it is separated into smaller areas, allowing residents to share communal kitchen, dining and lounge areas with fewer individuals.

Our four areas are identified as Iris, Wattle, Poppy and Sunflower. These names were voted by our residents and each flower represents the cultural backgrounds of our residents.

We provide single room accommodation with each room furnished with a table and chairs, television, a bed with a matching bedside cupboard and built-in wardrobes incorporating a locked draw for personal use. The reverse cycle heating and cooling system is individually controlled however staff will assist as needed.

Each room also has an en-suite bathroom with a shower, toilet, hand basin vanity unit and a non-slip floor.

St. Anna’s offers continually growing range of activities to keep the body and mind engaged.

Respite Care

Respite accommodation is available for short or long-term stays, depending on particular needs. Respite care is available to older people who have been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) as eligible for Residential Respite Services.

We offer a minimum of 14 days respite up to the approved 63 days per financial year, for all residents approved for respite care. Shorter periods of respite care allow family/friend carers the opportunity for a holiday or break.

Respite rooms are available upon request and subject to availability. All rooms are carpeted, secure/lockable, have windows and are modern and comfortable, with a private en-suite, built in wardrobe and cupboards. Each room has a TV, refrigerator and 24-hour call service linked to our on-site staff. There is a temperature-controlled reverse-cycle split system air conditioner (heating and cooling) in every room with individual controls and staff are able assist as needed.

While staying at St. Anna’s, think of it as a home away from home, therefore there is no set wake up or bedtime for residents. Respite residents, family and friends are welcome to take part in all activities, outings and functions, with open visiting hours.

Three meals are provided daily in each dining area, as well as morning and afternoon tea. Kitchenettes are found throughout the facility, allowing residents to make tea and coffee as they please. Meals may be enjoyed in-room if preferred.

Our Nurse Practitioner

St Anna’s is in the fortunate position to have a dedicated Nurse Practitioner as part of our team as we recognise the importance of having this professional role within our organisation.

Professional care, always

Keyur Anand is our Nurse Practitioner. He has a passion for the aged care industry and nursing in general and has demonstrated his willingness to support and educate his peers as well as being a strong advocate for aged care.

Keyur provides valuable clinical leadership and supports junior nurses ongoing professional development and mentoring by delivering clear decision-making guidelines to support best practice.

In 2018 Keyur was endorsed as a nurse practitioner in Aged Care. During his studies he focused on Palliative Care, Aged Cared and Dementia Care. Keyur has additional expertise in wound care, pain management, behavioural management, antibiotics stewardship, falls management and clinical leadership.

Keyur also understands the importance of culture awareness and how cultural values are important in maintaining one’s wellbeing. He is always interested in our resident’s different cultural backgrounds and works daily to promote trusting relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, St Anna’s have numerous GP’s who visit frequently, and we have a GP office onsite. However, we understand the relationship with your GP is a special one and if a resident prefers to keep their current GP arrangements can be made (if the GP is willing to visit).

You can access up to 63 days of subsidised care in a financial year. This includes both planned and emergency residential respite care.  St Anna’s do prefer a minimum 4 week booking for respite care.

Before you come in for a tour of the facility St Anna’s need a copy of the applicant’s ACAT support plan plus any relevant medical information (ie discharge summary, medical history) – this is important as our Clinical Manager will want to ensure we are clinically the best facility for the applicant and that we can provide the best support.

Once the Clinical Manager has seen and approved the supporting information we are happy to take families/ friends on a tour any weekday that suits them.

You might find this basic Government guide useful for understanding fees.

To view current room costs, please click here.

Yes, we provide an array of extra services, amenities, and entertainment for our residents. To find out more, click here Current Fees.