A place with a heart

St Anna’s was established in 1990 when three community clubs came together – Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian (Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Aged Association of South Australia Inc) to provide an inclusive facility for their ageing community. However, St Anna’s is a place with a heart and is open to all cultures.

St Anna’s is uniquely small and boutique, offering only 60 beds which ensures that its residents feel part of a community within a community. Furthermore, the facility was built as one entity, but is separated into smaller communal areas to allow residents to interact with fewer individuals.

Community Focused

Our values are embedded into our care with principles followed closely by our team.

View our Dignity Empowerment and Cultural Sensitivity brochure (PDF 983kb).

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St Anna’s staff specialise in humanity, an essential quality of resident and home care, treating our residents and clients as individuals worthy of dignity and respect.

Cultural Sensitivity

We acknowledge everyone has a story to tell and a life full of rich history. St Anna’s value every person’s individual needs and work hard to ensure that dignity and freedom of expression are retained and celebrated.


The residents and clients are encouraged to share in the creation of their own clinical and lifestyle plan to ensure support of the individual to enjoy the best life they choose to live.


St Anna’s uses a person-centred rather than task-centred approach to care, allowing for recognition of the whole person. It includes respecting the value of that person’s previous history and experience as well as their immense worth as an adult human being.

St. Anna’s Corporate Goals

St Anna’s is an aged care facility professionally managed by dedicated, multi-skilled, trained staff.

  • A facility which provides holistic aged care in a cheerful, harmonious yet private environment identifying individual needs and maximising individual’s independence and dignity
  • To identify, access and utilise the specific needs, skills, knowledge, cultures, language and resources within the wider community to ensure all services are culturally, linguistically and spiritually appropriate
  • To encourage a harmonious relationship between the ethno-specific communities and the wider community
  • To advocate on behalf of individuals and groups within the community who are elderly and primarily from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • To accept we have a responsibility to ourselves, the Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Communities and the wider community

St. Anna’s Corporate Beliefs

The Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarus Aged Care Association of South Australia Inc. believes in:

  • The rights of all individuals to maintain, develop, express and share their cultural heritage
  • The right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality where people have the right to make choices
  • Providing a safe and caring environment free of harassment and discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, language, culture and socio-economic status
  • Understanding, appreciation and valuing diversity and the benefits it brings
  • Being innovative and changing for the better

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