You add value to our residents,
they add value to your life

Volunteers give meaningful support and friendship to residents and conversely, volunteering adds a rich layer of pride and identity to those who help people in need.

St Anna’s is a place with a heart.

Residents’ lives are enriched by volunteers spending one on one time with them, escorting them to appointments, or by sharing an outing together which forms valued friendships.

Donating your time in becoming a volunteer has many benefits. They may include learning new skills, increasing your confidence, meeting new people or enjoying the satisfaction of helping someone. You might be a student, retired, or simply in a position to spare a few hours to a good cause.

St. Anna’s are very grateful for their volunteers and welcome all new enquiries.

To learn more about volunteering with St. Anna’s please contact our Lifestyle Team on 08 8346 0955 or email us via the “contact us” page of our site.

Volunteering Opportunities

There are numerous ways you can volunteer your time and create new friendships while adding another positive aspect to resident’s lives. It all depends on what your interests are.

Can you help with the following?

Escorting a resident to an appointment or social outing.
Share your knowledge and skills to enhance and assist in the upkeep of our beautiful gardens.
Run cooking demonstrations allowing residents to experience the smell and taste of new foods.
Produce quilts with our residents for personal use or to be given as gifts.
With the help of our residents, volunteers are able to donate much-needed clothing or blankets for those less fortunate.
Share a passion for your favourite sports with our residents.
Perform or teach music to our residents, whether it be singing or instrumental.
Support our residents in caring for our animals or assist with pets as therapy programs.
Arts and Crafts
Use your skills to assist our residents in creating a wide range of masterpieces.
Just by taking some time out of your day and sitting with a resident could make a huge impact.

If there is a particular skill that you are interested in sharing with our residents please don’t hesitate to contact us.